Blood Pansies are aggressive plant like creatures native to Melmac with bloodhound mouths with thorns one their head. A group of Melmacian thugs try to control the amount of pansies in the area so they could make fortunes chased Gordon Shumway and a scientist who created genetic-modified seeds that grow in harsher environments. While chasing them through Salad Swamp, the thugs used Blood Pansies to snifff them out. The scientist led Gordon Shumway underground, where the Blood Pansies began to dig underground by scoopig dirt into their mouths and throwing the dirt somewhere else. The Scientist and Gordon used super inflated rubber chickens to break out from other ground, causing the goons to flee with their Blood Pansies.


Blood Pansies look like typical green plants with an exceptionly large stem. Where the petal of a flower wood be is a light brown bloodhound snout with four thorns on its face. Blood Pansies jaws are powerful, clearly showing they are predatory in nature. Not only can they bite prey like an Earth dog, but they can also use their jaw a shovel to remove dirt with ease. Blood Pansies communicate with one another in dog like howls. Blood Pansies can't move on their own and must be placed in pots to be carried around; often worth the trouble as Blood Pansies can easily track anything if they have it's scent.


  • The Blood Pansies name and design is a mix of a pansies and a bloodhound dog.


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