Blood Kiss, Also known as the Kiss of Blood or Kisses for Blood is the process a Blood Tork uses to suck up the blood of their victims.


A Blood Tork would catch their victim & clamp their jaws over the victim's mouth to "Kiss" the victim, their tongue would cut into the blood vessels, the Tork would begin sucking the blood out of the victim's mouth until they're drained. When a victim is kissed, they will die in about 30 seconds after being drained completely, If the Tork doesn't stop sucking after the victim is drained, the Kiss devours the body of the victim. Gordon Shumway has encountered a Blood Tork once when he tried to escape Melmac after the war, he was Kissed, but he managed to escape the Tork before he was drained up completely.

Hunt for CreaturesEdit

Blood Torks tend to be hungrily futile in their pursuit of blood, Their hunt for a Kiss to suck blood is large to them, Blood Torks however, can survive several hundred years without one kiss. Blood Torks also can't survive two kisses at once as the blood types must be assembled after three days before they can kiss another, If they give a double kiss, they'll be so full, They'll explode or vomit up all of their victims' & their blood & die.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Third Prince of the Federation
  • Gordon Shumway-survived, nearly suffered the fate of the kiss, but escaped
  • Soldiers of Galactic War I

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