Distraught with homesickness, ALF imagines that he sees a car pass with his cousin Blinky riding in the back. On Melmac

One of ALF's cousins. He eats light bulbs.

ALF thinks he has found Blinky when he reads in The National Inquisitor that a couple in Barstow claims to have a space alien living with them that eats cats, frozen yogurt, and light bulbs (Episode: "Alone Again, Naturally").

Willie takes ALF to Barstow, but it turned out to be a hoax by Betty Susla. Returning home, ALF sees a car pass by with a Melmacian in the back seat. ALF excitedly tells Willie there is another of his species on the road, but Willie says they are along a back road in the country and there has not been a car seen for miles. It is likely ALF only imagined Blinky out of a strong desire to reunite with his family.

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