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Baby Love
Baby Love is the sixteenth episode of ALF's third season. It originally aired on Feb. 6, 1989.


The episode opens with Willie and Kate discussing baby names and ALF wants to name Kate and Willie's new child after a dog.

Kate talks in detail about her recent ultrasound. ALF gets annoyed because he has to listen to seven weeks' worth of bottled-up baby blather. Brian asks if they’ll be able to tell the new baby about ALF. Lynn makes a good point even if she bizarrely over-enunciates it. Laverne and Raquel decided to throw Kate a surprise baby shower. When Andrea arrives with her baby, she and Lynn decided to lay it in the nursery. Next, ALF starts to meet with the baby, and he sneezes and pretends that he has an allergic reaction to it.

While ALF is still sneezing, he tells Lynn and Kate that he is allergic to babies. When ALF leaves the house, he wants to live with Jake. However, Jake tells him not to stay there if Trevor and Raquel might see him. After the party, Willie and Brian clean up and Jake tells Willie that ALF is missing. Willie runs to Jake's room at the Ochmonek's house and picks up ALF. At Jake's room, Willie talks to ALF saying that his sneezing is psychosomatic.

When ALF is sent back home, Kate reads a story to him. After Kate leaves, Lynn talks to ALF for a little bit and she gives the book to him and leaves.


  • The full transcript for this episode can be found here.


Title Reference

"Baby Love" is a 1964 song by The Supremes.

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