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Jump On The Road Again

Baby, You Can Drive My Car
is the tenth episode of ALF's first season. It originally aired on Dec. 1, 1986.

Plot SummaryEdit


Lynn in on the phone with her friend Kathy, who is upset Lynn is late picking her up for a Pretenders concert.  Willie and Lynn have not arrived back from shopping Alf is watching Wall Street Week, and is surprised to learn that gold is valuable on Earth.  He tells Lynn that foam is the most valuable commodity on Melmac, along with gravel, wax, and lint.

Act 1Edit

Willie and Kate arrive home in a tow truck.  Bert, the tow truck driver comes and helps carry in the groceries. He gives a freebie, because he had to take their battery after his tow truck broke down, and because he got a greace stain on their carpet. When Lynn laments the fact that the family does not have a second car, Alf suggests they buy her one.  Kate and Willie decide that they will pay half the money for a used car, if Lynn gets a part-time job to pay the other half. When Lynn starts to get fatigued with working at Mr. Jim's Chicken and Oysters while going to school at the same time, ALF starts to feel sorry for her. When Lynn serves the family a meal from the restaurant, Alf tells her he has a surprise and to meet him in the garage.  He offers a hint and honks a horn. The whole family rushes outside and sees a brand new red Ferrari...

Act 2Edit

Lynn is esctatic about being given the car. Kate asks how he was able to buy it. He explains he got through is broker after selling the gold plumbing from his spaceship and an investment in a mango farm in Oxnard.  Alf and Brian suggest to Willie that he sit in the driver's seat. When Willie doesn't allow Lynn to keep the car, Alf suggests that it is because Willie is jealous that his daughter would have a better car than him. All the family goes into the house to discuss it. ALF is still playing with the car and accidentally rolls it out of the driveway and somehow ends up on the freeway that is headed for Oxnard. He calls Willie from the car phone and says he just passed a Motel 6 and that they are having a beekeeper's convention. He tries to give more precise location, but gets cut off. Kate calls the Motel 6 corporate offices and asks which of their locations is having a beekeeper's convention, but learns they all are. Willie and Lynn arrive back having asked the police if there had been a report, but that aside for a pig falling out of a tralier and a lot of people getting bee stings that it was a quiet night, a crashing sound is heard and sees that Alf crashes the car into the garage (for the second time, Willie points out). In the end, ALF decides to sell the Ferrari to pay for the repairs on the garage. The neighbors start calling to complain about damage to their property from the car. Lynn tells Alf how appreciative she was about the gift. Sirens start approaching and a helicopter flies overhead...


Alf and Brian are repairing Willies car. Willie approaches with a basketball and takes it for a spin. He accidentally puts the gear into drive instead of reverse and crashes into the recently patched up garage...

Title ReferenceEdit

"Baby, You Can Drive My Car" are lyrics from the refrain of the song "Drive My Car" by The Beatles.

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