ALF receives a letter from The National Inquisitor asking him to write an article about the Amazon Women of Xerxes IV. He writes under the pen name "Mr. Universe."

Amazon Women are an all female race native to Xerxes IV, which is located in Melmac's tri-planet area. ALF claims that they cruise around braless in 4-wheel drive vehicles. Amazon Women can be highly aggressive, as ALF warned they would crush their foe's pelvis if mocked.

In the episode "Lies", ALF, writing under the name "Mr. Universe," feels the need to send information on the true location of Amazon Women homeworld in order to correct misinformation printed in The National Inquisitor after they stated Amazon Women are native to Alpha Centauri. While they corrected that tidbit, they stated that they rode around on their homeworld using two headed lizard like creatures. ALF demands they rewrite the article, but instead they come over to interview him. When they come over, Wille Tanner, pretending to be "Mr. Universe," is forced to make up a story about Amazon Women capturing him for strange "sexual purposes." Wille however just steals bits from Star Trek episodes for his phony story.

ALF apparently knew some Amazon Women and visited some after their mothers had died.

Description[edit | edit source]

Amazon Women look like attractive wild Human women. However their race lacks male versions, this implies the Mother does not need a mate.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Amazon Women are known to have vehicles similar to Earth cars on their homeworld. It seems they are also a space-faring race as well.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • "Lies" (mentioned only)
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