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The Alien Task Force are the main antagonist in ALF they  are a military organization that seeks illegal aliens for deportation from the United States. The Alien Task Force headquarters in Washington D.C. and a branch of the Alien Task Force is located at Edwards Air Force Base near Los Angeles, California where ALF resides with the Tanners.

The Alien Task Force utlimately intercepts transmissions between Skip and Rhonda's spaceship and ALF and capture him before he can be picked up. In Project: ALF, the United States government, after running numerous tests on him, decides to release him from custody and make him an intergalactic ambassador to Earth.


  • ALF: You have any idea what would happen if people found out about me?
  • Flakey Pete: I can't imagine.
  • ALF: Have you ever heard of the Alien Task Force?
  • Flakey Pete: Alien Task Force... no I don't believe I have. What do they do?
  • ALF: They hunt down innocent aliens, and do bad, bad things to them.
  • Flakey Pete: How do you know?
  • ALF: Interstellar grapevine.

("Turkey in the Straw: Part 2")