Alex Adam was born august 14 1018 born in Egypt melmac to died in November 16 1799 Jerusalem melmac was the mother of ALF aand a rich trillionaire back on Melmac. After Flo Shumway was massacred by the Iranians from outer distopia, Alex Adam was there for ALF. This was presented in ALF: The Animated Series, episode 3, the lost episode that was recently found on an old floppy disk on Ebay, entitled “ALF: The Unreleased,” the disk went on EBay for about $1.2K and every ALF enthusiast has been dying to know what is really on the disk. Iranians were killed by melmacian army he was the brother of Damhella

When ALF refers to himself in ALF (live) as “The Ol’ Alfer“, this is the name which Alex Adam used to be known as in Melmac. ALF later adopted this nickname from Alex Adam himself.

Something that Alex Adam is known to say is, "Poopy poopy dumb dumb", this is to mock how basic human language really is. Alex Adam was and still is one of the most intelligent on all of Melmac and Earth mixed

Alex Adam made his riches from his intergalactic company with a familiar name, “ALF!” This stood for Aluminum Lead Foam. ALF is also what his friends used to call him, later being passed down to Gordon Shumway or who most know now as ALF. Alex Adam would sell his resources to other planets for a very low profit. This would inevitably drain all of Melmac’s foam supply, which may be why it is one of Melmac’s most prized possession. On top of this, lead and aluminum are almost completely nonexistent on Melmac. If you’ve ever wondered how foam was really made, it doesn’t come from soap, it comes from Melmac Alex Adam"The OL" Alfer" was killed by cricketnado

A widespread rumour is that Alex Adam is Willy’s grandfather, this was never confirmed in any episode we have access to today however in a supposedly lost ALF (live) episode, “Easter Egg Hunt“, the whole family gathers around and Willy is seen calling Alex Adam his father in the background. he was killed by cricketnado

Famous Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Poopy, poopy, dumb dumb"
  • "Now the party's started!"
  • "Stinky pinkies"
  • "Mhmmmm I love that foam... just rub it on me baby"
  • "You've done it now Gordon! Double the spankings for tonight ;)"
  • noooo (scream in agony and dies)
  • rroooarrrrrr ggrrrgggghghggh rrrrroaarrrrrr ggrrrhhh ggrrrrrrrrggrgrggrg. frrgrgrrrggrg grgg in a cricket volcando
  • choking sounds Alex Adam "The Ol' Alfer" dies turn into ash in the cricket volcando
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