Uncle Albert, played by Elisha Cook, Jr.

 Albert Tanner (1905-1988) played by Elisha Cook, Jr., is Willie's uncle.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

He is described as a grumpy, inconsiderate and stingy man, but he changes his ways when he had a heart attack and was hospitalized for over a month . While hospitalized, no one came to visit him or send him a card, which made him realize he brought it on himself due to his past attitude. This inspires Albert to become more considerate towards people

Later Life[edit | edit source]

he is generous with others; giving each member of the Tanner family expensive gifts and paying for dinner.

Albert tragically dies of shock when he discovers ALF staying in a tent in the backyard, arguably triggering a second heart attack.

ALF celebrates his death according to Melmacian funeral customs, which sparks a debate between him and Willie over the proper way to show respect for the dead. When ALF realizes that Albert collapsed in shock due to his sight, this causes ALF to believe he is responsible, and isolates himself from everyone like a condemned murderer until Lynn consoles ALF by showing the death was accidental and that Albert was given a chance to mend his past sins, which many do not get to do.

Uncle Albert's proper funeral arrangements are undertaken by the Waxman Funeral Parlor.

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