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A Little Bit of Soap is the fourteenth episode of the first season of ALF.
A Little Bit of Soap
It originally aired on Jan. 19, 1987.

Plot SummaryEdit


ALF is hammering a sign to the inside of the front door that says "Goodbye Grandma" in anticpation of Dorothy leaving.  She announces that she will staying longer due to "Crazy" Estelle staying with her daughter a few more days

Act OneEdit

ALF is watching the soap opera Midwest General  on television and Dorothy walks into the room to vacuum. She changes the channel to the soap opera One World to Hope For ALF complains and attempts to change the channel back. ALF says that the show is awful and that he could write better scripts that the ones on there.  Willie and Kate are in the family room. Willie is brushing his shoes and Kate has a hot water bag on her head and complaining about her mother. Alf watching them from the Kitchen pass through and writing down what they are saying.  Sometime later, ALF has invited everyone into the family room and wants them to watch One World to Hope For, saying he wrote the script. On the show, they are doing exactly what the family was doing.  One of the characters complains about their mother overstaying at her home. Dorothy gets furious .

Act TwoEdit

Kate. Dorothy, and ALF are in the family room and ALF is complaining that nobody is talking which is making it hard for him to write another script.  Dorothy says that the real reason she isn't going back is because "Crazy" Estelle was impossible to life with. The scriptwriter calls ALF on the phone to tell him the episode is due to shoot tomorrow. ALF is up late working on the script, but has writer's block. Willie demands ALF rectify the mess he started with Kate and Dorothy, but is supportive of the writer's block, commenting on a time he had to overcome it in college. When the show airs again, everyone watches in anticipation, but ALF's episode was rewritten so that the attempt at making up erupts into a violent name-calling argument. Dorothy walks off in a huff and prepares to leave. ALF insists that he didn't write it that way and demands that Kate and Dorothy sit down and read the script the way he wrote it. Through reading ALF's script, Kate and Dorothy are able to talk about their issues, and Kate finds out that Dorothy was kicked out of "Crazy" Estelle's house.


Dorothy and Kate are setting the dining room table. Willie comes in and Dorothy says something to ALF that she says were in his new script. Kate tells ALF she though he said he gave up writing more scripts. He says he changed his mind when the check came.

Title ReferenceEdit

"A Little Bit of Soap" is a song by Bert Berns and sung by The Jamels.

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