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ALF comic 5 came out in July 1988 and contains the following three stories:

Story 1 - "Stand-in By Your Man" - ALF helps Brian prepare a ventriloquy act for his school talent show with his dummy Mr. Joe Bangles. When Lucky claws up the dummy, ALF pretends to be Brian's dummy for his performance.

Story 2 - "Mind Your Manners" - When Kate gives ALF a copy of "Proper Etiquette" he gives Kate the book "Melmacian Manners" by Ann R. Key. The Tanners learn that Melmacian etiquette is quite different from what they are accustomed to.

Story 3 - "Mythed Again" - When Brian comes home with an assignment to write a paper about ancient Greece, ALF tells him an ancient Melmacian story from the Isle of Hypochondria known as "The Quest for the Golden Fleas." The island was ruled by Emperor Rotundos who challenged the bravest of his people to bring back the golden fleas that live on the back of the giant cat, Purr-seus.