ALF Comic 4

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ALF Comic 4 came out in June 1988 and contains the following three stories:

Story 1 - "It's All In Your Minds!" - ALF is watching an episode of the original Star Trek when he reveals to Kate that Melmacians have a similar ability to Spock's mindmeld, but instead of sharing minds, they temporarily switch minds. He performs a mind switch with Kate and causes all kinds of mischief until the mind switch wears off.

Story 2 - "Monster Mash" - ALF tells a story from his life on Melmac when a bunch of flippies (Melmacian's version of hippies) disappeared from an old lizard farm called Woodschlock. The only remaining flippy, Dr. Timothy Bleary (of the Melmac Institute of Technology, had inadvertently mutated his pet lizard into a giant fire-breathing monster called Modzilla. ALF has to help him return Modzilla to his original size.

Story 3 - "One Hero to Go" - ALF stays home while the family goes to see a show at the community theatre. ALF is left at home with Brian's comic books and the TV. As ALF turns on the TV, there is a news report about the "coat burglar" who has been stealing fur coats from people's homes. The "coat burglar" visits the Tanner residence and steals Kate's mink along with ALF, who is sleeping on the couch. ALF wakes up and realizes what is going on, so he gets the anti-gravity belt from his spaceship along with the kitchen tablecloth, which he uses as a cape, and confronts the burglar as "The Fantastic Fur."

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