Darnell Valentine is played by a different actor in the pilot. ALF says that he looks like Eddie Munster.

The pilot episode of the ALF TV series follows the same storyline and contains much of the same footage used in the first episode (A.L.F.). One notable exception is the scene when the Alien Task Force officer visits the Tanner residence, as the officer is played by a different actor and several of the spoken lines are different.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the bonus feature on Disc 4 for Season 1, the un-aired version of the episode's intro uses the first high pitched intro music and ALF's laughing is synced to the credits while the picture transitions in that scene is on warp speed. It will also show a short message from him stating "Be there" (which is only present on the bonus version of the episode on DVD). The beginning before the introduction has been cut off.
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