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ALF Annual 1 came out in 1988 and is one of the three super-sized annual issues of the ALF comic book series. On its cover, ALF appears to have just used a jack hammer to add his own image to the left side of the four presidents in Mount Rushmore. In the ALF (TV series) episode, "Hail to the Chief," Kate dreamed that ALF's face was added to the right side of Mt. Rushmore.

This issue came out between ALF comic 8 and 9.

ALF Annual 1 contains the following stories:

Story 1 - "The Return of Rhonda"

Story 2 - "Back to Human Nature!"

Story 3 - "Safe at Home!"

Story 4 - "You Give Me Fever"

Story 5 - "A Campy Approach!"

Story 6 - "You Say You Want an Evolution?"