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==See also==
==See also==
* [[Project ALF]]
* [[Project ALF]]
* [[Wikipediia:Daigunder|Daigunder]]
* [[Wikipedia:Daigunder|Daigunder]]

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ALF with tanners
The television series ALF is a show that ran from 1986-1990. It stars an alien named Gordon Shumway, nicknamed ALF (abbreviation of Alien Life Form), that crash landed on Earth into the garage of the Tanner family. The series follows ALF on his misadventures while on Earth staying with the Tanner family. The show sparked huge popularization throughout the 80s and 90s for the shows main character ALF and it led to the movie Project: ALF, which was released on February 17, 1996.

The TV series originally aired in 99 episodes (three of which were hour-long and the rest half-hour), but in syndication the three hour-long episodes were each split into two separate half-hour episodes, bringing the total number of episodes to 102 in syndication.


Character Actor/Actress Role Seasons Appeared
ALF Paul Fusco (voice)
Michu Meszaros (costume)
Main - alien All
Willie Tanner Max Wright Main - father All
Kate Tanner Anne Schedeen Main - mother All
Lynn Tanner Andrea Elson Main - daughter All
Brian Tanner Benji Gregory Main - son All
Lucky Tanner Unknown Supportive - cat All

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