ALF in spaceship cockpit after crash landing in the Tanner's garage.

ALF welding spaceship part

ALF attempting to repair a part of his spaceship.

Spaceship in garage

Willie trying to fix ALF's spaceship.

Crayon cannister

Nuclear waste from ALF's spaceship is contained in canisters such as these. Perhaps unwisely, ALF also uses one of the canisters to store crayons.

Cartoon spaceship

ALF's spaceship in the cartoon.

ALF's spaceship crashes into the Tanner Family's garage after Melmac explodes. ALF narrowly misses planet Alvin on his approach to Earth. ALF's spaceship contains gold plumbing, which he later sells to purchase a Ferarri.

ALF's spaceship presumably runs on nuclear power since ALF suggests that nuclear waste from his spaceship is stored in a canister. Perhaps unwisely, ALF also stores his crayons in such a canister.

His spaceship was borrowed for a science-fiction movie called Jupiter Guys in The Gambler, and the Tanners were paid $6,000 for it.

ALF said in the pilot episode he cannot drive it, but in the animated cartoon, he is shown driving the spaceship perfectly. In Baby, You Can Drive My Car, ALF cannot drive a car, but in Come Fly With Me, he show that his knowledge of spaceship piloting is sufficient for him to figure out how to fly a plane.

Willie Tanner was able to pick up the radio signals from ALF's spaceship, and ALF was perhaps speaking in Melmacian language. ALF's spaceship's sound wave transmissions could not be shut off by Willie's radio station. ALF apparently has been used during the Third Galactic War, which ended Melmac, due to the nuclear outfittings on his weaponry, caused by the Second War.

Contents of ALF's SpaceshipEdit

A Melmacian Cockroach was found inside a bag of slimeballs on ALF's spaceship. and ALF also introduces a Venus Flytrap to the Tanners, which can eat pencils.

ALF also has a gym bag and several cases with "Orbit Guard" stenciled on the side. Other possessions on the spaceship include fuzzy dice and ALF's Bouillabaseball card collection.

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