"20,000 Years in Driving School"

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Season 1, Episode 7 of ALF: The Animated Series.

After getting "Gooped" on the highway, Gordon Shumway has his driver's license revoked and must attend driving school to regain it.

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  • Premiere airdate: November 14, 1987

Continuity[edit | edit source]

  • Speaking to the audience, ALF says, “Enjoy today’s show.” He makes no references to Melmac Memories.
  • Gordon’s speedometer goes up to 820. He was doing 759 in a 620 zone.
  • Skip refers to Allenwood Traffic Reformatory as “Allenwood Driving Reformatory”.
  • Bob says he brought Gordon mayonnaise “from the plant,” implying that Bob works at a factory producing mayonnaise. In the previous episode, Bob was established to be an inventor.
  • ALF gives his address as "Willie Tanner, 167 Hemdale, Los Angeles, CA."
  • The closing sequence returns to pronouncing Melmacian as “mel-may-SHUN” race. This may imply that Pismo and the Orbit Gyro takes place after this episode, although it aired first.

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Allenwood Traffic Reformatory; Battle Hymn of the Republic; boiled polecat; calico cat cake; cat tail; car wash; cat; chopper; Eddie’s Cats-Up Diner; goof game; governor; grease gun; hacksaw; mayonnaise; Melmac World-Wide Auto Insurance; minute; mummy; nylon; Orbit Guard; Persian; police; priest; rat; refrigerator; robot; Route 40; Siamese; skunk; speed gooper; speed trap; speeding ticket; Stinker; VTV; warden; wernick

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blender; hamburger; ketchup; Los Angeles; Lucky; Melmac; tabby; Tanner, Willie

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